On Wednesday, I looked at the first five picks for each team in the draft. Yesterday, Matt Vereb broke down the second five picks. Here are rounds 11-15, as selected for our New York State of Sports fantasy baseball draft.

"I will be taking my talents to Steve's team" / Zell's Pinstripe Blog

Pick Jeff Mike Adam Matt
11 Shane Victorino

OF, Philly

Jay Bruce

OF, Cincy

Neftali Feliz

RP, Texas

Heath Bell


12 Pedro Alvarez
3B, Pittsburgh
Chris Young

OF, Arizona

Alexei Ramirez

SS, Chicago

Mike Stanton

OF, Florida

13 Ike Davis


Colby Rasmus

OF, St. Louis

Drew Stubbs

OF, Cincy

M. Scherzer

SP, Detroit

14 M. Bumgarner

SP, San Fran

Tim Hudson

SP, Atlanta

Phil Hughes


A. Ramirez

3B, Chicago

15 J. Hellickson

SP, Tampa Bay

C. McGehee

3B, Milwaukee

Corey Hart

OF, Milwaukee

T. Lilly

SP, Chicago

Pick Steve Kenny Dan Scott
11 J. Soria

RP, Kansas City

J. Papelbon

RP, Boston

Martin Prado

2B, Atlanta

S. Marcum

SP, Toronto

12 C. Granderson


Ben Zobrist

2B, Tampa Bay

Kendrys Morales


J. Sanchez

SP, San Fran

13 Carlos Marmol

RP, Chicago C

Nick Markakis

OF, Baltimore

Jimmy Rollins

SS, Philly

S. Drew

SS, Arizona

14 Chone Figgins


Andrew Bailey

RP, Oakland

BJ Upton

OF, Tampa Bay

C Billingsley


15 John Danks

SP, Chicago W

Josh Beckett

SP, Boston

F. Rodriguez


A. Huff
1B, Balt
  1. Jeff Steinberg, NYSOS Staff Writer
    What I like: Jeff grabbed some great young pitchers here at 14 and 15 in Madison Bumgarner and Jeremy Hellickson. Odds are one of them will have a breakout year.
    What I don’t like: I can’t hate on Jeff for taking a favorite player (Ike Davis), but he may have picked him a little high here.
  2. Mike Ulatoski, NYSOS Staff Writer (Last year: First place)
    What I like: Mike got great outfield value in these middle rounds. I’m especially high on Chris Young as a 30/30 threat.
    What I don’t like: Mike kinda ignored pitching here, only grabbing the inefficient Tim Hudson.
  3. Adam Poedubicky, NYSOS Staff Writer (Last year, Fourth place)
    What I like: I really liked getting Corey Hart in the 15th round – anyone who can get your 30-30 this late is a must-pick.
    What I don’t like: I got Alexei Ramirez in the 12th round, and he may outproduce Derek Jeter, who I grabbed earlier.
  4. Matt Vereb, NYSOS Editor (Last year, third place)
    What I like: Matt took Mike Stanton, second-year Florida outfielder, one spot before I was going to take him. Stanton WILL break out this year, hitting at least 35 home runs. Write it in ink.
    What I don’t like: No huge complaints.. Matt does only have one reliever though. I hate giving up on one stat category this early, but I’m sure Matt has some sleepers up his sleeve.
  5. Steve Fiorenza, Avid NYSOS Reader
    What I like: Steve got some great relievers in Joakim Soria and Carlos Marmol.
    What I don’t like: Chone Figgins has not been the uber-productive player that he once was in about three years now.
  6. Kenny Mauss, NYSOS Staff Writer (Last Year, Sixth place)
    What I like: Andrew Bailey is a great pick in the 14th round. The middle of the draft is a great place to grab a guy who will get your 40 saves.
    What I don’t like: There’s huge risk in drafting the Boston pitchers that Kenny did (Papelbon and Beckett). One, they are on their way down, and two, Ken will be berated by the Yankee writers all season.
  7. Dan Shaw, NYSOS Staff Writer
    What I like: Martin Prado had a great year last year, but remains to be extremely under-rated.
    What I don’t like: The rest of Dan’s picks here are injury risks (J Roll), lazy (BJ Upton), idiots (Morales), and even bigger idiots (K Rod)
  8. Scott Kasper, Avid NYSOS Reader
    What I like: Scott got great value in all of three of his pitchers in these rounds. I’m a huge fan of Chad Billingsley in round 14.
    What I don’t like: Stephen Drew is a very average producing player… not someone you want to use a 13th round pick on.

Who got the best sleeper in these rounds? Check back next week to see the rest of our picks and team outlooks!