Yesterday, the New York Jets cut right tackle, Damien Woody, nose tackle Kris Jenkins, linebacker Jason Taylor, and defensive end and former #4 pick, Vernon Gholston. The Jets announced today that they will bring back LaDainian Tomlinson for the 2011 season. To me, a few of the moves were very surprising and left me wondering what the Jets were thinking..

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Woody: To me, the Jets cutting Woody made very little sense. Yes, Woody is rehabbing from Achillies tendon surgery, but he was very effective last season, allowing only four sacks in 13 games. The Jets have little depth on the offensive line and will have to hope Vlad Duccasse or Wayne Hunter can fill the void. Let’s see what Bill Callahan can do there.

Jenkins: When he’s healthy, he’s an absolute terror inside. However, he hasn’t been healthy since 2008, playing in only seven games over the last two seasons. Jenkins is turning 31 this year and was owed $4.75 million. The Jets could try to bring him back at a discounted price.

Taylor: No surprise here. Taylor inked a two-year contract last off-season, but Jet fans knew he was a one and done. Taylor is now 36 years old and was mediocre in 2010.

Gholston: Honestly, the only high draft pick that I can remember who failed to register ONE sack in three years. It’s clear that this guy needs a change of scenery (New England, anyone?) Gholston clearly lacks the toughness that Ryan covets in his defense.

Tomlinson: I have to give LT2 credit here. The dude averaged 4.2 yards per carry, ran for 914 yards, and scored six times. He’s still hungry for a Super Bowl ring. He’ll turn 32 years old in June, so the clock is starting to wind down on his Hall of Fame career. Good move bringing him back.