This week’s sports news hasn’t necessarily been “sports” news as much as it has been finance news. As an accounting and finance major in college, I like to think of sports as a method of relaxation to get away from the numbers and formulas. But when I watch my ESPN, I prefer the story to be literally anything except contract talks… and unfortunately, those were the only stories this week. So Adam has a special two adversaries this week – Albert Pujols and Carmelo Anthony.

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Granted, I can deal with Mr. Pujols getting all of the attention. He is the best player in the majors at the peak of his career. He may be the best player of our generation – and more importantly in comparison to Carmelo Anthony (and LeBron James, for that matter), he has led his team to a World Series championship in 2006. Also, his ESPN commercial is hilarious. So Albert, you are off the hook, but you, Carmelo…

Carmelo, why? Sure, you are a top ten talent in the league, but have you won anything since you were 19 years old? That is an awfully long time to have passed to be treating yourself like a “king”. The endless charade of will he end up on the Knicks or Nets, to being interviewed by the oft-ridiculous looking Craig Sager on the sideline of the Rookie-Sophomore game, all I have to say is: enough is enough.

Carmelo's Last Championship -

Please Carmelo, just get it over and come to New York. There is a 1% chance that you will sign a long-term extension with the Nets, who are trapped in Newark. If you and Amare can potentially bring a NBA title to the Big Apple, you will be loved and introduced as NBA Champion. You can form your own version of the Miami Heat up north, but at least make it look somewhat respectable because Amare, yourself, and a future free agent didn’t conspire to meet up at the same time.

For the sake of my recreational journalism, I hope something somewhat embarrassing happens to the Mets or Yankees next week so I have an easy article to write – but with the pending lockout of the NFL, I’m sure a New York Jet will have done something silly with his spare time.