Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you crazy kids out there. As pitchers and catcher report to Tampa today, let’s take a look at the main squeezes of New York’s finest. Get your popcorn ready (Pun intended).

1. Derek Jeter: The New York tabloids have basically chronicled Jeter’s storied dating history since he first stepped foot on the diamond in 1996. The kid from Kalamazoo, Michigan has been linked to Mariah Carey, Jessica Biel, and is currently dating actress, Minka Kelly. I actually wrote an article on Jeter’s dating activities last year, so check it out.

2. Alex Rodriguez: Talk about diversifying your portfolio. Rodriguez was once married to Cynthia, dated Madonna and found theKabbalah, had Kate Hudson going wild during the 2009 Playoffs, and is now being fed popcorn from the lovely Cameron Diaz (pictured above). Personally, I don’t care who A-Rod dates as long as keeps launching A-Bombs for the next seven seasons.

3. Eli Manning: Oh, Eli. The shy boy from Louisiana is married to his college sweetheart Abby, who is pregnant with the couple’s first child. Eli is far removed from the day when this gem of a picture first hit the internet.

4. Rex Ryan: The master of the foot fetish! My favorite coach in all of sports has well, an interesting personal life. Rex constantly puts his foot in his mouth when dealing with the media. And well, I’ll leave this link for you to enjoy and keep this post G-Rated.

5. Michael Kay: Referenced yesterday. Kim Jones is now the most eligible member of the NY Sports media..

6. Mark Sanchez: Last but not least, Mr. Sanchez. When Sanchez isn’t chasing high schoolers in New York clubs, he’s playing quarterback for my favorite football team, the New York Jets. Here’s to hoping Mark doesn’t sign this young lady’s yearbook anytime soon.