By now, you’ve probably heard that Yankee ace, CC Sabathia has lost 25 pounds and is down to only 290 pounds. You’ve also probably heard that Sabathia can also opt out of seven-year, $161 million contract after this season. If you enjoy Mike Francesa’s radio show, Mike’d Up, you listened to ‘Matt from Fairfield’ talk to Mike about these two issues today around 2:30 PM.

Mike and I seemed to disagree about Sabathia’s weight. Francesa saw really no issue playing at lighter weight, citing that a pitcher isn’t defined by how much he weighs (Cite: David Wells). I argued that when a pitcher uses his entire 6’7″, 300 pound+ frame to generate his velocity, a slight dip in weight may have an impact. Plus, Sabathia has tossed 962 regular season innings since 2007, further emphasizing the importance of his large frame for durability. I fully expect Sabathia to carry the Yankee pitching staff this season because the Yankees are screwed if he doesn’t so he really doesn’t have a choice in the matter.

Now, a lot of people are making a huge deal about Sabathia opting out after this season when they shouldn’t be. For starters, Yankee fans knew Sabathia had this clause when signed back in 2009. Secondly, Sabathia will be 31-years-old after this season ends and he saw his 32-year-old buddy Cliff Lee walk away from a seven-year, $150 million Yankee offer. Sabathia has a more impressive track record, but if you don’t believe me, let’s look at their numbers since 2007…

Innings Wins Losses ERA K/9
Lee 764 53 33 3.40 7.09
Sabathia 962 76 32 3.12 7.99

Plus, if you look at next year’s free agents, Sabathia’s biggest ‘competition’ is Oliver Perez Mark Buerhle. The numbers above and the lack of a true replacement makes Sabathia worth much more than the four years, $92 million remaining on his contract. The big man should accept nothing less than a six-year deal in the $150 million range. There’s no doubt that he will opt out and quickly re-sign with the Bombers. If he wants to be trendy and sign with the Phillies, then the Bronx may begin to slowly crumble. Until then, baseball is back!