This week’s mailbag features four more questions. One about Andy, One about Joba, one about Mark Sanchez, and one about Carmelo Anthony. Let’s not waste anymore time..

Chris Asks:

There’s no doubt that Andy Pettitte is a gritty pitcher. His 240 career wins plus 19 career post-season wins speak for themselves. However, Pettitte has always benefited from one weapon that few pitchers have, Mariano Rivera. Do you think Mariano’s lock down ability hurts Pettitte’ Hall of Fame chances?

Great point, Chris. Mariano Rivera has saved 68 games for Andy Pettitte which goes to show how valuable Mo truly was to Andy’s win total. Pettitte has only tossed 25 complete games (Last one came in 2006) which goes to show how valuable the bullpen was for Pettitte’s wins. Pettitte also benefited from playing on strong Yankee rotations and being backed up by other great pitchers. Pettitte was never considered the ace of the Yankee rotation, but was always a great second option. Having Mariano obviously helped Pettitte and that will be taken into consideration when the voters vote in the near future. I’ve already stated that I don’t think Pettitte is a HOFer, but his number will be retired in Monument Park one day.

Christian Asks:

Is Joba trying ‘eat his way’ out of New York?

Christian is referencing Wednesday’s NY Post article talking about Joba’s recent weight gain. Chamberlain has apparently tacked on an addition 10-15 pounds. Joba actually said that he attributes his weight gain to the gym he added in his house. Really, Joba? I doubt he meant muscle, but he said that ‘My weight feels stronger. I feel great’.  Clearly, Joba didn’t hang out with CC this off-season. Big C lost 30 pounds and is ready to go for 2011.

Cash said time and time again that Joba is going to be a reliever. He currently is buried deep in the pen, but remember, Joba is only 25-years-old and injuries happen. Could Joba be forced back into a more prominent role this season? Maybe, but any extra trips to Burger King won’t help.

Tommy Asks:

What do you make this whole Mark Sanchez, 17-year old situation?

If you don’t know the story, read about it here.

Basically, Sanchez is a knucklehead. Now before all of you Jet fans start to email me again, Sanchez did nothing legally wrong. He and Dustin Keller went to the bar. They went to have fun, drink, talk to women, etc. The girl Sanchez happened to talk to used a fake ID and Sanchez couldn’t tell that she wasn’t 18. Now, the legal age of consent is 17-years-old in New York. However, celebrities are always going to be targets when they go out in public. We have seen athletes with copious amounts of children out of wedlock. The women in these situations now what they are doing. They essentially want to trap the athlete into having a financial commitment with them while the athlete isn’t astute enough to realize what’s going on.

In the case of this girl, she voluntarily wanted to ‘seduce’ a 24-year-old pro athlete. After Sanchez gave her his number, she posted a Facebook status about it. I’m sure she posted on Twitter, Myspace, and texted her friends as well like any teenager or blogger would do.

While Sanchez did nothing legally wrong, this story just didn’t sit well with me. Sanchez has so much social proof that I can’t understand why he’d resort to hanging out with someone who looks like they are under-aged. Since the Jets are used to brash comments and not disciplining Braylon Edwards after a DUI, I don’t expect management/ownership to talk to Sanchez about it. Just another classless incident for the Jets.

Carmelo Asks:

What are the odds of me calling Madison Square Garden home in the next two weeks?

Better than 50/50. I outlined this story on Thursday, so I think the chances are pretty good. Donnie Walsh just needs to let the Nuggets get a little more desperate before putting the full-court press on acquiring Anthony. He is clearly not happy in Denver and the Los Angeles thing is a pure smoke screen. There may be a ‘mystery team’ or two negotiating, but why would they waste their time when Carmelo has implied that he will only sign an extension in New York?

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