First thing is first. Happy Birthday, New York State of Sports! Today, our brand turns one year old. After 144,000 hits, the site is really starting to take off, so I just want to thank you, our loyal audience for reading our daily ramblings.

As everyone in America should already know, the Green Bay Packers defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25 in Super Bowl XLV. (Congrats if you had 1-5 in your box pool).

A few key things stood out to me during the game, so let’s relive the game…

Packer Fans Forgot About Brett On This Night..

  • Aaron Rodgers is for real. I bought into the hype three years ago when I drafted Rodgers in fantasy football. Three years later, Mr. Rodgers is hoisting the trophy. Rodgers had arguably the hottest run of any quarterback in history, capping it off with a 302 yard, 3 TD performance. Rodgers is confident, strong-armed, and young. The sky’s the limit for the Super Bowl MVP
  • #43 was clearly not #43. Troy Polamalu was virtually non-existent in this game. The Steelers need their hard-hitting safety playing at his Player of the Year level.
  • Clay Mathews is good at football. Mathews’ fourth quarter strip of running back, Rashard Mendenhall was the turning point in the game. The Steeler moment was destroyed and the Packers jumped back on the right arm of Mr. Rodgers.
  • Give Mike McCarthy his due. Packer head coach, Mike McCarthy wasn’t even a story heading into the Super Bowl. We heard about Mike Tomlin all week long while the Pittsburgh native was virtually left out in the cold. Give the man his due though. He is a Super Bowl winning coach and no one will ever be able to take that away from him.
  • Lockout Time! After the confetti finished falling from the sky, whispers of a potential lockout started to loom. The Players Association and Owners have until March 4th to strike a new Collective Bargaining Agreement before a lockout begins.