First reported by Michael Kay and later confirmed by Jack Curry, 38-year-old lefty Andy Pettitte will announce his retirement from baseball tomorrow afternoon at Yankee Stadium. Joel Sherman states that Pettitte’s ‘heart is just not into it anymore‘, even with his family’s blessings. The Yankees will hold a press conference at the Stadium tomorrow.

While I profiled five reasons why I thought Pettitte would return in 2011, it’s not a huge surprise to anyone that the lefty is stepping away from the game. Andy has told the Yankees all off-season long not to count on him for 2011. Pettitte made it clear to the Bombers that he would only pitch for them this season, but he left a $12 million contract on the table as he rides off into the Texas sunset.

If 2010 is indeed Andy’s last season, he definitely has a case for Hall of Fame enshrinement. Pettitte has a career 240-138 record while carrying a 3.88 ERA. Pettitte is the all-time post-season wins leader (19) and third on the strikeouts list (173). He is a five-time World Champion. Interestingly enough, all players who have posted 100 more victories than losses have made the Hall of Fame. There is that 500-pound gorilla in the room named HGH, but that’s a different animal for a different day.

As for the 2011 Yankees, well, they’ve made a few signings thus far. The team is apparently still in talks with free-agent, Kevin Millwood. The team will need to throw a bunch of darts at the starting pitcher board and hope one or two stick.

Growing up, I always loved watching Andy pitch. His pickoff move to first base was the best I’ve ever seen. His overall demeanor on the mound struck fear into the hearts of opposing players. Yankee fans will definitely miss Pettitte’s high leg kick, warrior mentality, and his true grit he displayed whenever he took the ball. Andy is the first of the Core Four to walk away from the game. I guess this means that I’m starting to grow up…

Yankee Stadium just won’t seem the same without #46 toeing the rubber every fifth day.