Andrew Eugene Pettitte. Competitor. Father. Warrior. 2011 Yankee.

At least, I think so.

There’s no reason why Andy shouldn’t pitch during the 2011 season and here are five reasons why…

That's Right Andy...Come Running Back To Us

#1 Family Support: We’ve heard all off-season long that Pettitte wants to spend more time with his children. However, his children apparently think it’s ‘cool’ that Dad is pitching for the Yankees at 38-years-old. Pettitte’s kids, Joshua (16), Jared (12), Lexy (9), and Luke (5), are willing to wait another season for Dad to come home for good.

#2 Money: After family, money is the next clear-cut thing that comes to mind. The Yankees are apparently willing to pay Pettitte $12-$13 million for his services. Granted, Andy has made a lot of money playing baseball, but who would turn down guaranteed money to do something that they love?

#3┬áCompetitive┬áNature: Pettitte’s demeanor on the mound speaks volumes about his personality. As Pettitte peers in to pick up the catcher’s sign, his lowly tilted hat creates daunting tunnel vision for a hitter, should he choose to look at Pettitte. It’s that competitive desire that makes Pettitte one of the best post-season pitchers of all-time. Pettitte is the all-time post-season wins leader (19) and is third on the strikeouts list (173). For his career, Pettitte boasts a 240-138 record with a 3.88 career ERA and five World Championships, making him a borderline Hall of Famer. Adding another 10-15 wins to that total could push him over the hump.

Also, Pettitte was left standing on the dugout step in Texas as the Rangers eliminated the Yankees in ALCS Game 6. Pettitte was slotted to pitch the pivotal Game 7 against Cliff Lee. Think Andy wants another shot at a championship?

#4 Working Out?: Pettitte has never officially declared that he has retired from baseball. Plus, multiple reports have confirmed that Pettitte is indeed working out, which rises the obvious question. Why is Pettitte working out if he isn’t going to play in 2011?

#5 He’s Still Got It: Before injuring his groin in early July, Pettitte was arguably having his best first half ever. Pettitte made the All-Star team for the third time in his career, putting up a line of 11-2, 2.70 ERA. Pettitte was also great in the playoffs, giving the Yanks seven innings in both of his starts.

I think we’ll have to wait a bit longer for Andy to come back home. Expecting 35 starts out of Pettitte is unrealistic at this point in his career. But if the Yankees can get 20-25 starts, plus playoffs out of the lefty, then the Yankees will take it. Pettitte has already confirmed that Roger Clemens’ looming court date this summer will not influence his decision to return, so forget about that. While it may not happen in the near future, expect Pettitte to be a member of the 2011 Yankees. There’s no reason to think otherwise.