It seems like just yesterday that Jet head coach Rex Ryan was signing the ESPN bus as ‘Future Champs’. Rex told Jet fans in commercials to ‘Jump Aboard this Jet bandwagon’ and ride it all the way to the Super Bowl. We spent all summer long watching Hard Knocks, listening to the Jet brain trust belittle other teams with their off-season moves. In particular, the Jets belittled their AFC Championship foes, the Pittsburgh Steelers. We listened to how the Jets stole Santonio Holmes for a fifth round pick. Holmes, who is known for his antics, on and off the field, was a welcome departure for the AFC Champs. The Steelers got the last laugh in that deal, while the rest of America, well they’ve spent the last three days hysterically laughing at the Jets shortcomings. Rex and the rest of the Jet team was not able to back up their proclamation of Super Bowl or bust, disappointing their championship-hungry fan base once again.

The Jets are who we thought they were all along. A team full of arrogant, loud players who modeled their behavior after their coach. Instead of respecting the history of the game, the Jets chose to belittle their opponents, mock front office executives, and fill their fan base with false promises. And let me tell you, that Cromartie guy. Well, he’s a gem.

Don’t get me wrong, the Jets have improved leaps and bounds since Rex took over the team, but Rex has failed to deliver on his promise of Super Bowl championships. A team with Super Bowl goals cannot come out flat in the AFC Championship and that’s a direct reflection on the coach.┬áCan anyone take Rex seriously next season when he proclaims another Super Bowl championship? When is enough, enough?

The Jets have a ton of free agent decisions to make concerning their own players and players from different teams. This little obstacle known as the Collective Bargaining Agreement will delay the entire process, but the Jets have a lot of decisions to make. Will they bring back David Harris? Braylon Edwards? Holmes? Brad Smith? This is just the tip of the iceberg for next season’s team.

The facts still remain the facts. The Jets declared that they were the best team and would have little difficulty reaching and winning the Super Bowl. Unfortunately for the Jets, they played their ‘Super Bowl’ on January 16th in Foxborough. The Jets don’t get the Lombardi Trophy for beating the Patriots in mid-January.

Look at the bright side. Only seven months until Rex once again pumps up the Jet fan base with the same song and dance.