Mark Sanchez improved to 3-1 on the ROAD in the playoffs last night. It’s extremely difficult to win road games in the NFL come playoff time (just ask Drew Brees), but Sanchez has used his defense, and great plays at all the right times throughout his three wins in the post-season. There may be a lot of things to not like about Sanchez’ quarterbacking, but don’t try and take away the fact that he’s a winner.

Jets QB Mark Sanchez proves he is a postseason winner by beating Peyton Manning's Colts.

Sanchez wasn’t that great last night. He relied on the legs of Shonn Greene and LaDainian Tomlinson for most of the game. His passes weren’t accurate, he completed only 18 of 31 passes for only 189 yards and committed a costly turnover in the Red Zone at the end of the 1st half.

Sanchez did however put the Jets in position to win. After being helped out by Cromartie’s return, Sanchez moved the ball all the way down to the Indianapolis 15.

He’s only 24 years old. He hasn’t even played four full seasons of football since his senior year of high school! He’s still a child in the football world, yet he has three road playoff wins, a trip to an AFC title game, and a come from behind victory over a Peyton Manning led team.

He has more playoff wins before 25 than Tom Brady, and more playoff victories than Joe Namath ever had as a Jet. I’m not anointing Mark Sanchez as a super-star, because he’s not, but when it comes to being a winner, get the anointing oil out.