Via Chad Jennings, Yankees GM Brian Cashman stated yesterday that he will not surrender the team’s first round draft pick (#31 overall) in order to sign any of the three remaining Type A free agents. “I will not lose our No. 1 draft pick,” he said. “I would have for Cliff Lee. I won’t lose our No. 1 draft pick for anyone else.”

Of the remaining free agents, only Carl Pavano, Grant Balfour, and Rafael Soriano would warrant the Yankees to forfeit their first round pick.

Current Yankees, Derek Jeter (1993) and Phil Hughes (2004) were first round draft picks for the Bombers. The recently departed Ian Kennedy (2006) and currently Triple A pitcher Andrew Brackman (2007) were also first round picks.

We discussed the Yankees potentially inking Soriano this week, but Cashman’s statements indicate that the team will keep the top pick and not pursue Soriano.

Are you alright with the Yankees not pursuing Rafael Soriano?