A loss by the Jacksonville Jaguars paved the way for the New York Jets at the end of Week 16, clinching them their second consecutive playoff berth. It’s been quite the rollercoaster ride for Gang Green, starting the year strong at 9-2, but then finishing the season 2-3 in their final five games. At first it seemed they could land the top seed spot, but an embarrassing loss to New England in Week 13 completely changed the course of their season. Instead, the Jets are heading into the playoffs as the sixth seed ready to face Peyton Manning and the Colts. But how ready are they? Can Rex Ryan and the Jets live up to all the hype they’ve raised this past season?


This may be the best playoffs we’ve seen in a long time (minus the Seattle Seahawks, of course). The New York Jets would have rather been matched up against the Kansas City Chiefs, but now face the challenge of stopping the first ballot Hall-of-Famer Peyton Manning in the first round of the playoffs. Unfortunately for the Jets, Manning is 3-0 in his career in Wild Card games. Last time Manning played against the Jets he led his team to a 30-17 victory and into the Super Bowl. What do the New York Jets need to do to insure that a similar situation doesn’t occur?

Top 5 Keys To a Jets Win:

1. Revis Versus Wayne: Reggie Wayne is the big playmaker on that offense and Peyton Manning WILL be throwing a ton in this game. Darrelle Revis needs to shut him down to an extent if the Jets have any chance of winning.

2. The Sanchize: Mark Sanchez is known for letting games get out of hand with interceptions. Against a Colts defense that has only allowed 10 all season, he needs to get the football to his receivers. Sanchez plays best when throwing for short yardage while mixing in the running game.

3. The Run Game: The Colts have a terrible run defense and the Jets need to capitalize on this weakness. They allow 127 yards per game to opposing running backs. Jets should run the ball at least 40 times, not just to exploit this weakness, but to keep the ball out of Manning’s possession for as long as possible. Both Greene and Tomlinson are well rested from not playing in last week’s Buffalo game.

4. Rex Ryan: He needs to let go of his ego and coach his team past the favored Indianapolis Colts. They say good teams make it to the playoffs, but good coaching wins the Super Bowl. Time to see it happen.

5. Nick Folk: I know most people don’t think a good kicker is important on a playoff team, but the Jets need to score as many points possible in this matchup. If Rex can’t trust his kicker from the 30 yard line back, then they are in deep trouble. Folk needs to step up and gain some confidence this week.

Final Outcome:

Colts 24 Jets 14

What do you guys think? Did I miss any keys to the game? Will the Jets surprise everyone on Saturday night?