Anyone who knows me or has read my writings knows that I hate Rex Ryan. For the last two seasons, football fans have had to endure Ryan’s brass comments about ‘being smarter than everyone else’, claiming that his Jets were going to the Super Bowl, and even eating hamburgers and playing with ‘Shake Weights’ on the field during Training Camp. Don’t get me started on Hard Knocks, either.

Right on cue, Rex has already begun to stir the pot in light of Saturday night’s prime time match-up against Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts. Instead of focusing on his team’s ability to stop the Manning led offense, Rex used Monday’s press conference to talk about how “Peyton Manning has beaten me twice in the playoffs”. Since when did Rex drop back into man coverage and defend Reggie Wayne?

Ryan also went on to say how Saturday’s match-up against the Colts is ‘personal’ for him. Personal? It’s personal because Peyton Manning is 5-1 against your defenses and your team only beat him last year because Jim Caldwell pulled his starters midway through the Week 16 match-up. Or is it personal that Manning shredded your defense for 377 yards and 3 TDs in the AFC Championship last year, propelling the Colts to their second Super Bowl trip in the last four seasons. Or is it because you talk and talk and talk when everyone knows that the Jets aren’t even the best team in the AFC East.

Before the self-proclaimed ‘biggest game in team history’ in New England, Ryan went on to say that he was ready to kick Bill Belichick’s rear all over Foxborough. After the 42-point beat down, Ryan had the nerve to say he was ready for a rematch against the Belichick/Brady┬ámachine? Easy Rexy.

At the end of the day, Rex is going to be Rex. He likes feet, he likes trainers tripping opposing players, and his players love him. Jet fans may love him the most, but the facts remain the facts. If Ryan’s team is going to achieve their ultimate goal, they are going to have to run the gauntlet in the AFC that will include trips to Indy, Pittsburgh (with a healthy Troy Polamalu), and back to Foxborough to take on his friend Bill.

The Jet will run out of fuel on Saturday night in Indianapolis. Before you know it, the excuses and talk will ensue from Ryan about what went wrong, how bad the referees were, and how they are already preparing for next season’s Super Bowl run.