Yankee fans have been waiting for a few years to pinpoint a new villain. Manny is off in his own dream world. Pedro’s fastball tops out at around 83 MPH and he can’t find work. And Papi, well, who cares. He stinks. Cliff Lee is the new age Yankee villain. He has schooled us in the playoffs. He left us standing at our Pinstriped alter. He told the Yankees to basically take their money and…You can fill in the rest. No sponsorships. No YES Network. No hanging out with Jay-Z after the game. No words of encouragement from Rudy Guliani before the game.

'Ruben Amaro' hugging Cliff

Lee and CC Sabathia were supposed to take this city by storm. They were supposed to silence the newly-added Red Sox left-handed bats. However, it was not meant to be as Mr. Lee left millions of Yankee dollars on the table to join one of our biggest rivals. My friends, Cliff Lee is now public enemy #1 in this city. See you in the World Series, you big red dog.