Stated in the NFL rule book, a team is slapped with a ten-yard penalty if a player trips another player. You know, sticking the old leg out and purposely watch someone fall over. If you have ever watched Flozell Adams play, you know exactly what I’m talking about. But sometimes that happens. That’s what happens in trenches. That’s what happens when players get competitive. But, what happens when a coach trips another player? You read that right. A coach. What’s the penalty if a team’s Strength & Conditioning Coach deliberately trips an opposing player? We will soon find out.

During yesterday’s Dolphins/Jets game, Jets Stretch & Conditioning Coach, Sal Alosi stuck out his knee and tripped Dolphins special teamer, Nolan Carroll on a punt return. Just take a look at this picture below and let me ask you one question…

Are you kidding me?

The aftermath of this attack? Well, Carroll fell to the ground, suffered an apparent leg injury, but returned later. But that’s completely beside the point.

What the hell was this guy doing? STICKING OUT HIS LEG? Alosi is responsible for a player’s health, safety, and well-being! He is the Strength & Condition coach for crying out loud! So, he is going to stick his knee out and potentially end a guy’s career? Give. Me. A. Break.

Does he really think that the Jets special teams are THAT bad that he feels the need to trip opposing players? What does this tell us about the quality of personnel that the Jets choose to employ?  My opinion on the matter is pretty obvious, but back to the situation.

Where was the post-game apology? Where was Woody Johnson? Rex? Mike Tannenbaum?

Alosi offered this statement after the game, but honestly, it doesn’t mean much…

I made a mistake that showed a total lapse in judgment. My conduct was inexcusable and unsportsmanlike and does not reflect what this organization stands for.

Can you imagine if this happened in New England? Bill Belichick would have terminated the guy on the spot.

If the Jets do not suspend this guy today, I won’t be surprised. They didn’t suspend Braylon Edwards earlier this year either when he had a DUI. If the Jets do not take action, the Players’ Association will be all over this. Carroll’s career could have ended today due to pure stupidity.

No matter how you slice this, it’s completely embarrassing for the Jets franchise.

Maybe the NFL should add in a rule for idiots interfering on the field of play. Something steeper than ten yards.