But don’t turn off the lights just yet…

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I won’t get into much detail on this game. I’ve harped on it time and time again in the spaces of this blog: the Giants turn the ball over a lot and at times are penalty-prone, and they haven’t ran into a supremely talented team in games where penalties and turnovers dominate the offense’s play. They’ve been able to overcome it all but twice entering Sunday, and that changed quick against Dallas – a supremely talented team no matter what their record is. They have more talent, that’s hard to deny, and that’s why they won. They’re not a better team than us, and I’ll go so far as to say the biggest reason why we lost is because we beat ourselves. We gave up too many big plays and made too many mistakes. If we didn’t have so many drive-killers the score would have been a lot closer, and might have even gone in our favor. Our offensive line is bruised and battered, with both Dave Diehl and Shaun O’Hara out, and we were missing our most reliable receiver in Steve Smith.

Some credit is due to Dallas, especially with Jon Kitna, a brand new head coach, and an entirely different gameplan from the team we saw a few weeks ago.

But, we did dominate almost every offensive category. We had 25 first downs to Dallas’ 15. We outgained Dallas 480-427. We had the ball for 37:51 on offense.

A week of practice will cut down on the mistakes and penalties, and we’ll be ready for next week.

What’s Next?: Big game against Philly on Sunday night. Both teams always get up for these games, and first place in the NFC East will be on the line.

The key to Sunday’s game is to pressure Vick within the pocket. His comfort zone is outside of the pocket where he is as dangerous a duel threat as there is, and if the Giants can contain Vick and pressure him in the pocket they have a great shot at winning. And don’t turn the ball over…