For me, today was your typical Saturday in Fall. I woke up and checked out some fantasy basketball news. From there, I proceeded to watch endless hours of college football, from Tulsa’s upset of Notre Dame to Penn State’s wooping of Michigan’s terrible defense to Oregon literally running up the score on Southern Cal. I finished my night with some fantasy football injury updates and some much procrastinated-upon homework. Quite the Halloween-eve evening for a college student, indeed. As I was preparing for bed, it suddenly hit me. The World Series was happening. Why on Earth didn’t I care?

The World Series is allegedly being shown on FOX - AP

Let’s strike the obvious answer from the record right away: the Yankees and the Mets are not participating. If the Yankees were playing, I’d obviously have to reschedule my entire life around the ordeal. Even if the Mets were in, I’d watch because they are in fact a team from New York. Heck, if the Phillies were on, I’d watch because A. they’re a fun team to watch and B. I go to school in suburban Philadelphia; it’d be inevitable. But those three teams failed to qualify for the World Series. But still, come on, it’s the FALL CLASSIC. This is the pinnacle of what every baseball team sets out to do long before Spring Training even starts. From watching well over 200 games this season, including every Yankee game, shouldn’t I feel obligated to myself to bring the season to a close by admiring the talents of the San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers?

The quite obvious answer is: no. There are no material reasons to turn in to see the Giants and the Rangers, regardless where you’re from. You wanna see someone curse on national television? No thanks, Tim Lincecum. You wanna see a great pitcher who will almost certainly not be in the same place he is now? I’ll catch you next year, Cliff Lee. The one player to cheer for in this World Series is Josh Hamilton, and his 2-12 performance through three games has been uninspiring.

The truth of the situation right now is that Major League Baseball has taken a backseat to the NFL, the NBA, and college football. Week in and week out, the NFL produces more story-lines than a season of 24. Can the Giants continue their NFC dominance? Will the Patriots have mercy on poor Brett Favre? The once irrelevant beginning of the NBA season strangely has me tuned in every night. For as much ripping as our blog and the rest of the sport’s world has done to LeBron James, I cannot wait to see how his story unfolds in Miami. And let’s not forget college football, where it seems that some of the top teams lose every week to a different team looking to throw its name in the ring.

The lack of fan support has been disheartening at best. Myself included, the fans have not made this World Series what it could be. But you cannot argue with them. The fans want what is most entertaining. And right now, that is what’s happening in three aforementioned leagues. Those stories are what keep you into the game, no matter how positive or negative they are. With baseball, most of the fan-base has clocked out.

Say what you want about the Yankees. They cheat. They buy all their players. Derek Jeter is over-rated. A-Rod is a fraud. A.J. Burnett stinks (we’ll give you that one). ┬áMajor League Baseball needs huge media markets like New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, or Los Angeles to be in the World Series for it to be anything close to relevant. The fans are what makes the games, and the passionate fans are not there. Until then, I’ll find something else to watch tomorrow.