Before I even get into talking about the World Series, I am a Cablevision customer. For anyone who is unfamiliar with the on-going issues, Cablevision and NewsCorp cannot seem to come to agreement on rights fee’s for Fox 5. So until these two companies agree, I’m going to have to either: Go to a friend’s house who does not have Cablevision. Go to the bar, which won’t be cheap or enjoyable. Or click refresh on the MLB Gamecast. I’m think I’ll go with Choice 3.

Nonetheless, Met fans all over New York are rejoicing about this World Series match-up. No longer will they listen to the boasting and prodding of Yankee and Phillies fans. There will be no Jeter, no Rivera, no Utley, and no Charlie Manuel in this Fall Classic. We are talking Lincecum, Lee, Brian Wilson, COLBY LEWIS! Man, I am fired up!

For all of you lucky non-Cablevision customers reading this, sit back and enjoy Game 1 tonight as you’ll see two of the game’s very best square off in San Francisco. After dominating both the Yankees and Rays, look for Yankee-destroyer, Cliff Lee, to mow down a light-hitting Giants lineup. Opposing Lee will be ‘The Freak’, Tim Lincecum. Lincecum is 2-1 during the post-season, including a 14 strikeout game in the ALDS against the Braves.

While this series really lacks perennial star power, watch out for Josh Hamilton and Vladimir Guerrero. Neither slugger has won a World Series ring before. Lee made a trip last year with the Phillies, but came away empty handed. A World Series title will drive up Lee’s asking price in the off-season as he enters free-agency.

So my question to our loyal NYSOS readers, will you watch the World Series?