As highlighted in my article last week which speculated on possible moves, the New York Yankees got started resigning and retooling for 2010.

See Ya! - Elsa / Getty Images

There are already rumors of a possible Joe Girardi extension. Say what you want about his micro-managing style, but it has been successful so far for the Yankees. In three years, he won a World Series and a Division Series. He compiled a regular season record of 287-199 for a winning percentage of .591. According to the Yankees, the expected extension will be for three years and between $9-10 million, compared to the 3 year, $7.5 million dollar deal he signed before 2008 to replace Joe Torre. The raise is certainly appropriate, considering Joe’s accomplishments.

Now, onto the preliminary list of who isn’t coming back. Pitching coach Dave Eiland will not be resigned, also according to the Yankees official website. Although GM Brian Cashman insists “it has nothing to do with what took place in the playoffs”, it can be almost guaranteed that if the Yankees won their 28th World Series, Eiland would have been brought back. Then again, Dave did miss almost a month during the regular season to attend to personal matters, so that could have been one of Cashman’s reasons for not resigning Eiland, besides the obvious struggles of the pitching staff down the stretch.

And now, to the players who, for now, will not be back next year. According to the Yankees PR department, Lance Berkman, Kerry Wood, and Nick Johnson all will not have their contract options exercised for 2011. This is an obvious cost-saving move which will strike approximately $30 million from the books, ($15 for Berkman, $9 for Wood, and $6 for Johnson). All of these players will command exponentially less money in the free agent market for 2011, so the Yankees still have the chance to resign these players for much less money than if their options were picked up.

Yankee fans, what do you think of these moves? And more importantly, do these moves improve or regress the chances that Cliff Lee will be a Yankee in 2011?