While the Tampa Bay Rays and Texas Rangers have been at each others’ throats for the last three nights, the Yankees have been enjoying rest and relaxation. (Well as much as you can have during the playoffs). The team did not work out Sunday or on Monday, but will be back to work again today, getting ready to head to Texas to face CJ Wilson. The Yankees haven’t played a baseball game in four days, their longest stretch of the season and won’t take the field for another three. I’ve gotten some e-mails asking whether this is a good or bad thing for the Yankees. Here are three reasons why this time off benefits the Yanks.

Reason #1: Age

The Yankees aren’t exactly the most youthful team in the playoffs. Jorge Posada (39), Andy Pettitte (39), and Mariano Rivera (40) have all dealt with either injuries or inconsistency during 2010. Three quarters of the ‘Old Guard’ is surely embracing this time off.

Every team has injuries, but let’s not forget that Nick Swisher, Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, and just about every other Yankee regular has been dinged this year. Time off while your competition is going neck-and-neck with the opposition can only make that rest more sweet.

Reason #2: Avoiding Aces

Thank you, Tampa Bay Rays. Thank you. By forcing a Game 5 against the Rangers helped the Yankees avoid Cliff Lee for at least one game. Lee threw over 110 pitches in the Rangers’ complete game, Game 5 victory. Will the Rangers rush Lee back on three days rest to face the Bombers in Game 2 on Saturday afternoon? They could. I’m really undecided on this due to Lee’s impending free-agency and his desire to win. Lee has never started on three-days rest though and didn’t do in the World Series last year. He may pitch Game 3 at Yankee Stadium on Monday and that would be quite alright with me. Bring him into the Bronx Zoo.

Reason #3: Experience

Unlike the rather unexperienced Texas Rangers, the Yankees have the all-time, post-season hits leader (Jeter) and saves leader (Rivera).  Between Jeter, Rivera, Pettitte, and Posada, the Yankees have twenty World Series rings. The Rangers have a roster full of players searching for their first. How will they handle the pressure in the Bronx? The Yankees are definitely the favorites.

If the Yankees were a younger group, I’d be a little concerned with the extended time off. However, they are a bunch of grizzled vets who have been through the fire of the post-season.

Worried? No reason to be.