Just three weeks ago, Randy Moss had one of the best catches of the year against Darelle Revis. We haven’t seen Darelle return yet, and Moss is now sporting the purple and gold again, back to the old number 84. Brett Favre returns to the swamps of New Jersey for the first time since the end of his lone season with the Jets in 2008. It’s a reunion of sorts, but it’s a big game for both teams as well. What are some of the keys for the Jets to get the W?


3 keys to the game:

  • Stopping #84
  • Getting pressure on Favre
  • Work running game to set up play-action

Revis vs. Moss-

We’ve seen this song and dance before. Revis Island has pretty much taken Randy hostage over the last few games. While he did have that ridiculous catch in Week 2 for the touchdown, Revis injured himself on that play, and hasn’t played since. While Revis isn’t 100%, I think he’ll be able to contain Moss from having a breakout game. Moss may score, but the ball won’t be in his hands very often. If Darrelle holds Randy to: 4 catches, 40 yards, and a TD; the Jets win this game. Just don’t let Randy dominate.

Rex’s D vs. #4-

Brett Favre is 41 years old and still playing in the NFL. It’s shocking he hasn’t been killed yet (or at least forced to miss a game). That being said, Favre doesn’t move like he used too. He’s playing on a bum ankle, and just doesn’t have the quickness he used too. If New York can get constant pressure on him and force a two to three turnovers, the Jets have a great chance. If not though, Brett can still beat you with his arm. There’s a reason he’s still in the league.

LT & Shonn Greene-

Tomlinson has been working his magic since Week 1. Shonn Greene; it’s your turn to help carry some of the load. The Vikings have a great front four in Jared Allen and Ray Edwards on the ends, with Pat and Kevin Williams on the interior. It’s tough to run on these guys. If LT and Greene can establish even just an ok rushing attack, Dustin Keller will become a factor. Braylon Edwards has been an exceptional deep threat, while Keller has roamed the middle. The X-factor- Santonio Holmes. I don’t expect him to have a huge night in his return, but his presence will keep the Vikings from loading the box with eight defenders. LT and Greene are going to set the table for the passing game, which is going to come up huge, for the 4th straight week.

The J-E-T-S have been great since their lousy Week 1 performance. I expect the same swagger from the Jets, and the same result.

JETS 23 Vikings 16