Per every baseball website, the New York Yankees released their official 25-man roster for the American League Division Series against the Minnesota Twins. Check out who’s in and who’s out as our Yankees prepare to continue their dominance of the Twins.

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Catchers: Jorge Posada, Francisco Cervelli

Infielders: Mark Teixeira, Robinson Cano, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Lance Berkman, Ramiro Pena

Outfielders: Nick Swisher, Curtis Granderson, Brett Gardner, Austin Kearns, Marcus Thames, Greg Golson

Starters: CC Sabathia (Game 1), Andy Pettitte (Game 2), Phil Hughes (Game 3)

Bullpen: AJ Burnett, Sergio Mitre, Dustin Moseley, Boone Logan, Joba Chamberlain, Dave Robertson, Kerry Wood, Mariano Rivera

Any real surprises here? No, not really. This just came down to personal preferences of Joe Girardi. The real battles to make the final roster came down to Ramiro Pena edging Eduardo Nunez and Dustin Moseley and Sergio Mitre over Ivan Nova, Chad Gaudin, and Javier Vazquez.

In a short series, I like Nunez a lot more than Pena because he is more of a fill-in, whereas Ramiro is more of a long-term backup. The Yankees won’t be resting Robby, Jeter, or A-Rod in this series, so carrying someone who is a true backup instead of a difference maker off the bench like Nunez is questionable. It’s not like Ramiro can’t run, but he’s not nearly as good of a base stealer as Eduardo.

With the pitchers, I have no real issues. Ivan Nova proved to be too volatile. Gaudin is an innings-eater, but he is just that. And Javier Vazquez, well, he’s been irrelevant for a few months now, with his lone August/September highlight being that he hit three straight Red Sox. Thankfully, AJ won’t be getting the ball in any high leverage situations, so he will split mop-up duty with Sergio Mitre and Dustin Moseley. Boone Logan, Joba Chamberlain, and Dave Robertson will piece together the later innings while Kerry Wood will be the primary set-up man and Mariano will close ’em out.

What do you think of this team the Yankees have put together for the ALDS? Although I don’t like only one of the moves, I still believe this team can take down the ultra-scrappy Minnesota Twins.