The Yankees really do need a day off. The Bombers have lost 15 of their last 22 games and if not for a strong start to the season, they’d be scrambling to make the playoffs and these last three games in Boston would matter. Anyway, the Yankees are officially in the playoffs. Hooray. We all expected that. On to the business side of the matter.

Come Monday, the Yankees will need to cut their roster down to 25 players. Roughly 80% of the roster is set, but what players will occupy the final five spots of the roster? Remember, the Yankees can shuffle the roster in between playoff series, so this isn’t set in stone.

Let the debate begin…

Let’s just roll through the obvious players before we get into the juicy stuff…

Infield-Posada, Cervelli, Teixeira, Berkman, Cano, Jeter, Rodriguez

Outfield- Gardner, Granderson, Swisher, Thames, Kearns

Starters- Sabathia, Pettitte, Hughes, Burnett

Bullpen– Rivera, Wood, Chamberlain, Robertson, Logan

So that accounts for 21 of the 25 roster spots.

Who else will earn their way onto the roster?

Potential offensive players: Pena, Nunez, Golson

Potential pitchers: Vazquez, Nova, Mitre, Gaudin, Ring

The Yankees will carry an emergency infielder. Ramiro Pena has more big-league experience than Nunez does, so I expect Pena to be the Yankees’ pinch runner/emergency mid-infielder.

Pena is #22.

Joe Girardi chose to carry Freddy Guzman as a second pincher runner last post-season, so I could understand the Yankees taking either Nunez or Golson. Golson has more speed, so he gets the nod.

Golson is #23.

I figured Javy Vazquez would earn his way onto the post-season roster by default, but we must question it after he got shelled last night. Does Vazquez deserve to be the team’s emergency long man?

Before deciding, let’s just┬ácompletely┬árule Sergio Mitre out. Girardi has seemed to give up on the sinker baller, so Mitre will likely sit this round out.

A lot of people are advocating for Ivan Nova, but we’ve seen the same song and dance from Nova. He’ll be great for four or five innings, then he’ll get shelled. During his entire professional career, Nova has only pitched out of the bullpen once.

Do the Yankees know what their getting out of the young right hander? No. I think Girardi will opt for the more experienced arms.

Love him or hate him, Javier Vazquez’s experience will land him on the roster.

Vazquez is #24.

Finally, Joe Girardi has given Chad Gaudin many opportunities during September. Girardi favored Gaudin last year in the playoffs and I think that favor will weigh heavily in the post-season. In any case, he’ll be the 25th man and have little to no impact.

Gaudin is #25.

So that’s it. Ramiro Pena, Greg Golson, Javier Vazquez, and Chad Gaudin are the last four to make the post-season roster.

Remember, the first round is only five games. The Yankees must take care of business before thinking about moving. The roster may change in between rounds, but it’s time to win three quick ones.

Do you agree or disagree?