As mentioned right here last week, Carmelo Anthony and the Nets simply just were not a good fit. That notion was confirmed last night as we learned late that the Nets had pulled out of the Anthony sweepstakes.

Due to the Nuggets indecision on moving their star forward, this trade simply fell through the cracks. The Nets and Nuggets may look into this trade at another time, but for now, it’s dead.

Ultimately, I couldn’t envision Anthony coming to the Nets. Sometimes, fans will just have a hunch about a player and to me, he wasn’t a Net. There’s no point of him going to a single-digit win team when he’s already on a Western Conference playoff squad. If he wanted to be a Net, he would have hounded management to get the deal done and that just didn’t happen.

Maybe the Nuggets and Nets will re-open talks down the road, but for now, Anthony has made the right decision.