By now, you’ve heard that the New Jersey Nets are firmly engaged in a four-team deal that would bringĀ perennialĀ All-Star small forward, Carmelo Anthony to the Garden State. The Nets, Bobcats, Jazz, and Nuggets are engaged in a very complicated deal that would send Anthony and Charlotte guard DJ Augustin to New Jersey. The Nets would distribute first-round pick, Derrick Favors and a 2011 first round pick to Denver while point guard Devin Harris would go to Charlotte. The deal would only go through if Anthony, who is set to become a free agent next summer, agrees to an extension with the Nets.

Word of advice to Melo: Don’ t do it.

Carmelo Anthony has publically stated that he wants to be traded to either the Knicks or the Bulls. However, both teams do not have assets that interest the Nuggets. The Nuggets will not talk to the Bulls unless they include All-Star center, Joakim Noah. Outside of swingman Danilo Gallinari, the Knicks really do not have much value to offer Denver. (Let’s not get even get into the draft pick situation).

If Anthony were to accept New Jersey’s extension and the trade were to go through, he’ll find himself on a team that will struggle to make a deep run in the playoffs. Here’s the Nets projected 2010 lineup, post-trade.

PG- DJ Augustin (6.3 PPG, 2.4 APG in 2009)
SG- Anthony Morrow (13.0 PPG, 3.8 RPG)
SF- Carmelo Anthony (28.8 PPG, 6.6 RPG)
PF- Troy Murphy (14.6 PPG, 10.2 RPG)
C- Brook Lopez (18.8 PPG, 8.6 RPG)

This is definitely a playoff-caliber team, but it’s not one that could go toe-to-toe with the Heat, Celtics, or Magic. The Nets will have some decent talent in Jordan Farmar and Travis Outlaw off the bench, but none of these guys have ever played together. Avery Johnson has never coached these guys, either. The team will need a bunch of games to get going and outside of Anthony and Lopez, none of these players have the killer instinct.

Carmelo, please wait. Please just stick to your guns and only accept a deal to the Knicks. You know you want to come play in Garden 41 times per year. You and A’mare Stoudemire could form one of the East’s best duos. AND, Chris Paul would become a free agent a season later. Think about it…The star power and talent will be there in New York. It won’t be in NJ.

With the way the Nets roster is shaped right now and even after the proposed deal, this team won’t touch the Heat. The Heat are way too talented for 90% of the league and the Nets aren’t in that elite 10%. However, don’t think of the Knicks as a short-term thing. Wait it out in Denver for one more year and come home. Come back to the Empire State and help A’mare open the Garden in 2011. The Knicks desperate need you.

Until then, stay in a New York state of mind and stick to your demands. Big picture Melo, big picture.