The New York Jets are an absolute joke. After watching the team brag and boast on HBO’s Hard Knocks (after they haven’t won anything) to the problem with reporter Ines Sainz to the recent Braylon Edwards DUI, the team lacks leadership and accountability. The problem starts at the very top with owner Woody Johnson, GM Mike Tannenbaum, and head coach Rex Ryan. These three have let the Jets become a band of frat boys instead of a professional football team. Can the Jets right the ship or will this 2010 season go from a season of Super Bowl aspirations to a season filled with misguided decisions?

After the Jets’ big Week 2 win over the New England Patriots, the Sainz situation was quickly swept under the carpet. Winning cures all ills, but the recent Edwards DUI brings back all of those ugly memories. Even more troubling, $73.6 million left tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson and defensive end, Vernon Gholston were stupid enough to get in the car with Edwards. Reports say that Edwards’ BAC level was at .16, double the legal limit. The Jets really cannot discipline Gholston or Ferguson since they were not arrested, but a team should expect better judgment from its players.

Edwards does have superior talent, but a reputation for causing trouble off the field has prevented most teams from taking a chance on him. This season, the Jets have taken chances on trouble talents. Besides Edwards, receiver Santonio Holmes is serving a four-game suspension for substance abuse. So after the Edwards was arrested, I was fully expecting the Jets to come down hard on the troubled wide receiver, setting an example for the rest of the team. Edwards is in the final year of his contract, so cutting him would have been a reasonable option. Even suspending him for this week’s game against Miami would have appropriate. However, the Jets decided against both of these options. Edwards will be active for the game, but will not start. Are you kidding me? This is the same guy that got flagged once this past week (should have been twice) for taunting Patriot players after a touchdown and a later two-point conversion.

What type of message does this send the rest of the team? Ok Mark Sanchez. Go out and party hard on the town and if you get in trouble, we won’t hold you accountable. Imagine if an instance like this happened in New England or with the Giants. That player would be packing his bags and looking for a new team. It wouldn’t matter if that player scored a touchdown the week before. Personal conduct is a top priority throughout the league, but that doesn’t seem to include the Jets.

This decision really shouldn’t come as a surprise to many. Rex Ryan acts in such an arrogant, low-life demeanor that we really can’t expect too much from his players.

The Jets won’t be that worried about going down to Miami to play the Dolphins on Sunday night. They’ll be more worried about where they’re partying in MIA after the game. Bottoms Up.