An absolutely terrible performance by the Giants in Sunday night’s 38-14 loss to the Colts. We were annihilated. We were embarrassed.

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I waited a couple days to write the recap to this game, because I wanted to see if my mood would improve. It didn’t. Actually, it got worse, what with everything that’s going on with this team (helmet tossing, outbursts, et cetera). Peyton Manning simply toyed with the defense. Many times it seemed like the Indy offense was playing against the oxygen; it seemed like they were doing a run-through in practice with no defense.

Antrel Rolle slammed the organization yesterday on WFAN, saying the Giants weren’t ready, had a controlling coaching staff, and lacked locker room leadership. I want to say two things, and that’s it. First, if there really are players on this team that can’t get fired up for a football game, then they don’t belong in the NFL. I don’t care if you show up to the stadium an hour before or a day before kickoff. For the love of the football gods, it was a primetime game, too! Second, thank you, Antrel Rolle. It’s about time someone stepped up, and said what everyone was thinking.

Pro football is a job; the best job, if you ask me. You get paid millions to smash heads. You make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to be a third-string quarterback. Like any other job, you will be fired and placed on waivers, or demoted if you fail to perform. Brandon Jacobs, if you’re not happy about being demoted and you sulk everytime you don’t get your way, then you won’t get your way. You want to start? You want your job back? Prove it. Don’t be an idiot and toss your helmet into the stands. The coaches aren’t messing around with you by starting Bradshaw; there’s a reason you’re the number two guy now. Don’t talk about it, be about it. Talk is cheap, play the game.

The defense looked awful. There was no pass rush. The offense was manhandled. There was zero sense of urgency. There was no blocking at all. Did the coaches watch any film of the Colts-Texans game? RUN THE FOOTBALL to beat the Colts. I said it here. Clock management through the ground game. If Peyton Manning is on the sideline he can’t shred your defense.

I’m not happy at all about the team I watched. But after venting all those negatives, I feel better. Rejuvenated, even. So, I will say this:

– This is exactly where we all expected the Giants to be after two games. We thought they would beat Carolina, and then we thought they’d lose to Indy. We’re 1-1, right where we thought we would be.

– Put it in perspective: Dallas is 0-2. Minnesota is 0-2. Both the Eagles and Redskins are 1-1. We are what our record is, and so far our record says that today we’re better than Dallas.

Eli Manning is still alive. He forced one throw into triple coverage, but he can’t be blamed anything else that happened Sunday night.

– The usually atrocious special teams unit shined, compared with the other two units. Matt Dodge had his first good game as a pro. It might even be his first good day as a pro; practice, games or otherwise. Both the punt coverage and kick coverage units were better, too. Definitely a game for this unit to build off of.

Michael Boley was all over the field: 16 total tackles, 12 solo, and 1 tackle for a loss.

Ahmad Bradshaw: 17 carries for 89 yards, almost every one of those yards on his own. The effort he gives every play, whether he’s getting the ball or not, is unbelievable.

Interesting Facts:

Brandon Jacobs has gone 21 straight games without cracking 100 yards. The last time he hit the century mark was when he rushed for 126 in Philly in November of 2008.

The Giants’ defense forced five turnovers last Sunday against Carolina. They forced one against Indianapolis.

What’s Next?: Put this game behind us, shut our mouths, make no excuses, and beat Tennessee on Sunday.