All it takes for the Mets to score runs is to face the Pirates pitching staff. They’ve taken their 3rd straight game against the Bucs, and moved back to the .500 mark at 73-73. Only 16 games left of this disaster, folks.

“That 12 year old in the front row… yeah him over there… he’s a better manager than I am.”

Initial Reaction: The Mets used one of those rare big innings that evaded them all season long to get ahead of the Bucs tonight. The majors worst road team couldn’t find any refuge at Empty Field tonight. Jenrry Mejia left the game in the 3rd with an injury to his shoulder. Lets hope it’s nothing serious. Our Mets are making a serious run at being completely average on the season, and threatening to climb over the .500 mark.

The Good:

-Trailing 5-0 to the lowly Pirates, behind an excellent attempt by Raul Valdes to suck enough for the Mets to lose, the Mets did just enough to get ahead for good. Paul Maholm fell apart in the 4th inning, letting us back into the game. Good for the Mets to come back. It’s always nice to see David Wright and Carlos Beltran beat up on a bad team when the game means nothing in late September.

The Bad:

Raul Valdes.

The Ugly:

Hey, we won. Nothing ugly about a win.

Interesting Facts:

7: Runs for the Mets in the 4th, Takahashi’s save total, runs given up by the Mets, and Paul Maholm. It was a good night at the craps table if you were playin’ the pass line.

What’s Next?

The Mets go for the 4 game sweep of the Pirates, and send Big Pelf to the mound. Get above .500 boys.

NYM Mike Pelfrey (14-9) 3.89 ERA vs. PIT Charlie Morton (1-11) 9.05 ERA