While the Jets defense looked awfully dominant in their Monday Night Football opener, the offense never got going, as Nick Folk accounted for all 9 of the Jets points tonight. The Jets fall to 0-1 on the young season.

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Initial Reaction:

While you can lament on the putridity, ineptness, and down right ugliness of the Jets offense tonight, their defense actually played outstanding. Joe Flacco spent nearly the entire night running for his life, and Ray Rice never got anything going. He was held to only 43 yards on 21 carries. Now that’s stopping the run! Baltimore received a gift from a rookie when Kyle Wilson committed pass interference in the red zone to put the ball on the 1 yard line. It took a second effort lunge from Willis McGahee on 3rd down to get in and give the Ravens a 7-6 lead. That touchdown though, was set up by an awful running into the kicker penalty on… Braylon Edwards? I didn’t know diva wide receivers played special teams, but apparently Edwards isn’t just looking blue collar (see the beard), but working blue collar as well. That penalty gave the Ravens a 1st down and ultimately led to the lone touchdown of the game.


The Jets defense looked freakin awesome. They swarmed everyone who touched the ball, and made Flacco look uncomfortable in the pocket most of the night. They also forced three turnovers in the game, all in the first half. They gave the offense great chances to score, Sanchez and company just couldn’t punch it in.

Darrelle Revis didn’t miss a beat, and obviously didn’t need training camp, because he stepped right in where he left off last year, shutting anyone down who was opposite him on the line of scrimmage. The real improvement to this defense though, is Antonio Cromartie and Kyle Wilson. These guys are just going to allow the Jets to send pressure upon pressure to get to which ever quarterback they’re facing.

On the night, the Jets forced three turnovers, allowed 49 yards rushing on 35 carries (a 1.4 yards per carry), and forced Flacco into a QB rating of 62.2. That’s a good start to the season. They’ll need another performance like this next week against those Patriots we all love to hate.


Yuck. It’s tough to find anything good about what the Jets did on the offensive side of the football. LaDainian Tomlinson looked refreshed (and held onto the football, something Shonn Greene still doesn’t do). His 62 yards on 11 carries was the game high. For you fantasy owners, Tomlinson may be the back up in name, but if Greene keeps fumbling (he did twice last night) Tomlinson’s work load will continue to be twice that of Shonn Greene.

Now, about Shonn Greene. You’ve been anointed the starting running back because of your playoff performance last year. Step your game up son! Just ask Steve Slaton what happens when you have fumble-itis.

Mark Sanchez looked pretty bad as well. He completed less than 50% of his passes (10-21) with only 74 yards passing. That’s less than 4 yards per attempt. He spent a lot of the time running around outside of the pocket, but even when he did have time, he didn’t always set his feet, nor did he deliver the ball on time. Dustin Keller may have stepped out of bounds a half yard short of the first down on 4th and 10 with the game on the line, but if Sanchez gets that ball to him right out of his break, he doesn’t have to worry about making sure he gets two feet in, and he can get up field and out of bounds for the first down. It’s the timing and little things like this that will continue to hurt the Jets until he matures into the QB position. Maybe he should worry less about his great hands (as we saw on Hard Knocks) and getting the ball to his receivers on time.

Special teams:

Outstanding job tonight by the special teams, as they accounted for all 9 points. Nick Folk continued his Monday Night Football excellence (remember his game winner in Buffalo when he was a Cowboy in 2007? He kicked it twice) as he made all three of his attempts. Aside from the Braylon Edwards penalty, the specialists looked good, as they typically do on a Rex Ryan coached football team.


Kris Jenkins: He suffered a knee injury on the 6th defensive play of the game and didn’t return. He’ll have an MRI Tuesday.

What’s Next?

The Jets welcome Tom Brady and our friends from Boston to tour the New Meadowlands Stadium at 4:15 on CBS next Sunday.

NYJ: 0-1, but look for an improvement offensively next week.