The Mets were bamboozled in Atlanta tonight, 9-2. The road woes that have plagued the Mets all year have continued during this most recent road trip, as they’ve started it 0-2. They fall to 65-67 on the season.

AP Photo/John Bazemore

The Scoop: Jonathon Niese appears to have hit a wall. His first full season in the big leagues has been for the most part a good one. Tonight, however, was not the case. Niese did not have his best stuff, and the lineup behind him was just plain silly. Luis Castillo leading off? C’mon bro. The most recent loss drops the Metsies two games below .500.

The Good: There’s only 30 games left in the season. That’s about the only positives to this Mets season anymore.

The Bad: Niese’s night. I understand a costly Luis Castillo error, but he still allowed 10 hits on the night. He falls to 8-7 on the season.

The Ugly: The bats. It’s like beating a dead horse, but I’ll continue to head down that same path. They did not record a hit with runners in scoring position. 0-6, including two run scoring sacrifice fly’s.

Intersting Facts:

The Mets are now closer to last place, than first. Yuck.

What’s Next?

2 more games with these damn Braves.

NYM Mike Pelfrey (13-7) 3.61 ERA vs. ATL Tommy Hanson (8-10) 3.76 ERA