HBO’s famous yearly television series, Hard Knocks, features the New York Jets. After watching Week 1 of the show, I have some mixed feelings about it. Yes, I cannot wait for football season to start. Watching the passion of the players, coaches, and even training staff is very inspiring. Hell, I felt like going out and hitting somebody after watching it. However, there were some major drawbacks…

Problems with the show:

1. The Overall Image of the Jets: HBO’s attempt to start off the show with Rex Ryan yelling into the phone, telling his wife to go on a shopping spree because he received an extension was a little, tacky? Yes, Rex led the Jets to the AFC Championship in his first season with a rookie quarterback and he deserves it. However, when the team’s best player (Darrelle Revis) did not receive a new contract, it puts the 2010 season in jeopardy. HBO made it a point to take away from the entire team and the main focus was on Revis. The Jets even made every attempt to take shots AT Revis. Moving on…

Cursing is part of football. I was cursed at when I played football. NFL players are always cursed at when they play football. Cursing is a part of everyday life. Did Rex get a little carried away with the ‘F-Bombs’? I guess he did. I mean, he even apologized for his actions. Yes, it is HBO, but still, football is a sport loved by people of all ages. With Rex dropping countless ‘F-Bombs’, I doubt many parents would want their kids watching the show.

GM Mike Tannenbaum patting himself on the back for trading for Santonio Holmes? Yawn.

2. The Arrogance of the Jets:

I’m not a Jets fan. Hell, I’m not even a Giants fan. I honestly just cannot take the overall arrogance of Rex Ryan and the Jets. Does any other team act like this? It’s one thing to be confident about your team. It’s another to think your going to the Super Bowl solely because Jim Caldwell pulled Peyton Manning in the second half of their Week 16 match-up. If Caldwell leaves Manning in the game and chases the 16-0 regular season, the Jets do not even make the playoffs. I think the Jets should be concerned about how they play without Alan Faneca, Thomas Jones, and Leon Washington. Veteran leadership is key on football teams and with so many new, older pieces added to the mix (Jason Taylor, LaDainian Tomlinson), someone needs to step up and take control.

Positive from the show:

1. Mark Sanchez: Talk about a class act. Sanchez proved to be a true professional on the show, handling everything with a humble, graceful nature. I’m expecting big things from the second year pro.

2. Signing the Contract: Even though Ryan acted like a buffoon after signing the contract, seeing him signing it was pretty cool.

3. Broadway Joe: It always good to see ex-NFL stars coming to training camp to help out the younger players.

Overall, I realize that HBO is not on cable television show. No one is forcing me to watch the show. As a franchise, the Jets just came off very poorly. From the Ryan comments, to the excessive vulgarity, to Woody Johnson’s antics, the Jets just came off as a second rate franchise. The Jets have accepted this cocky, ‘we’re going to kick your butt’ mantra that they’ll live and die by this all-season.