Uh Oh. This is not good news out of Jets camp, in Cortland, New York. Revis’ agents and GM Mike Tannenbaum met for over three hours to discuss the most recent proposal from the Revis side of things. There was no contract agreement, in fact nothing even close. Where does this leave the Rex Ryan led Jets who are going to have to prepare for life without Revis Island?

Woody Johnson, owner of our J-E-T-S, told ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap that this could indeed be a year without Revis Island. Having to find an adequate replacement for Revis Island would be like searching for (and finding) Atlantis. Ain’t gonna happen. Today, August 10th, is the last day for players to report to camp to accrue a season that would count towards reaching free agency. Because this is an uncapped season, the extra year required to reach free agency has already hamstrung many players whom otherwise would have gotten paid this past offseason (Miles Austin comes to mind). Why would Darelle Revis want to deal with another one?

The answer? He knows he’s the best corner in the game, and without him, the Jets go from a Super Bowl contender, to hopefully playoff contender. That’s how much he helps this Jets’ team. The team needs/wants him as much as he wants his contract. He knows he’ll get his money eventually, and is willing to sacrafice the year if necessary. Revis refuses to play for his $1 million salary this season, and with a holdout potentially not ending any time soon, this is shaping up to be bad for the Jets. HBO certainly picked a good team to showcase their show Hard Knocks with this season.

Woody, it’s time to pony up the dough. These players saw what happened to Leon Washington last year. He got hurt in a contract year, and it cost him millions when he didn’t agree to an extension. Revis won’t take that chance. It’s going to hurt potential free agents too. What players are going to want to come to a team where the upper management plays hardball with its top players. Hell Revis is their best player. If they aren’t doing everything in their power to get him into camp, what about a mid level linebacker that Rex thinks would fit into his 3-4 defense nicely? Throw some guaranteed money at the man and get him to camp, TODAY. Your fans, your team, and your PSL’s are depending on it.