With Saturday’s trade deadline fast approaching, the Yankees will look to make a few additions to sure up their bench and bullpen. However, one big fish (not looking at you, Roy Oswalt) still sits out there on the trade market. Slugging Washington Nationals outfielder/first baseman Adam Dunn is available. Dunn (.278, 23 HRs, 63 RBIs) is one of the game’s premiere/most consistent power threats. Since 2004, Dunn has clubbed at least 38 HRs per season. With all of the fielding positions already filled, does Dunn make sense as the Yankee designated hitter?

Dunn, 30, is in the final year of his contract. The slugging lefty is owed $6 million over the last 61 games of the season before hitting free agency this winter. The Washington Nationals want to re-sign Dunn to a two-year contract, but the native Texan wants at least a four year deal. Since the two sides can’t seem to agree, the Nationals have begun to shop Dunn.

Many teams have already expressed interest in acquiring Dunn, but as of now, nothing is ‘hot’. This is where I expect to the Yankees to jump in and make the best offer for this consistent clubber. The Yankees have been linked to Dunn, but reportedly, no talks have been serious.

Bringing in Dunn makes a lot of sense for the Yankees. First and foremost, Dunn will give the Yankees a needed? power lift. Through 100 games, the Yankees have only hit 118 HRs. The Bombers crushed 244 total home runs last year. Dunn is a dead-pull lefty hitter who I’d expect to have a field day at the Stadium. In addition to Dunn’s majestic power, the Yankees really don’t have a designated hitter right now. Sure, Jorge Posada has been DHing half of the time, but he seems to end up on the injury report every day. Posada has a ton of mileage on those legs and bringing in Dunn would alleviate some of the pressure. While the power is great, Dunn also carries an impressive .366 career on-base percentage, something that the Yankees highly covet. Looking into the future, Dunn will be a ‘Type A’ free agent this off-season. If the Yankees choose to led Dunn walk, they will receive a 1st round draft pick as compensation. Ultimately, the more we hope for Adam Dunn, the less we’d see Marcus Thames and Juan Miranda. That’s always a great thing.

The only drawbacks to acquiring Adam Dunn are his lack of time ‘on the big stage’, his one-dimensional nature and high strikeout rate. Dunn has played his entire career in small baseball markets (Cincinnati, Washington DC). We need to wonder whether Dunn could succeed in the Bronx. In addition, Dunn is an awful fielder (-49.6 UZR) in the outfield, so he’d be strictly a designated hitter. In a brief 59 at-bats as a designated hitter, Dunn is 16 for 59 with five home runs. Finally, Dunn has struck out 124 times in 356 at-bats this year. If this pace holds true, Dunn will strike out 200 times. With the number of power pitchers in the AL East, this number could even be higher.

To me, the positives Dunn offers outweigh the negatives. However, what are the Nationals commanding in terms of prospects? Well, their asking price seems to be very steep, as they’ve asked the White Sox for two of their top fifteen prospects. To my knowledge, no names have been tossed around by the Yankees, but since Dunn is owed an addition $6 million, a package of Ivan Nova, David Adams, and a low-tier prospect would probably be enough to land Dunn.

If the Yanks were to land Dunn, here’s what their ‘A lineup’ would look like:

SS- Derek Jeter
RF- Nick Swisher
1B- Mark Teixeira
3B- Alex Rodriguez
2B- Robinson Cano
DH- Adam Dunn
C- Jorge Posada
CF- Curtis Granderson
LF- Brett Gardner

This lineup is so good that I’d buy seats in the right field upper deck in hopes of catching a Dunn moonshot. Just sayin’.

The Yankees were in on Cliff Lee and didn’t close the deal. The Yankees were ‘in’ on Dan Haren and didn’t close the deal. Are the Yankees ‘in’ on Adam Dunn? I hope so. However, Brian Cashman has always traded for veteran guys who have position flexibility. (Think: Jerry Hairston Jr and Eric Hinske in 2009). Dunn is a one-dimension type of talent but a very, very talented hitter. He’d give us a big-time power boost and a designated hitter that will rival the Red Sox’s and Rays’. Let’s hope Cash seizes the opportunity..

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