Chris Paul has asked the New Orleans brass for a trade out of the bayou. His desire to play with another top player, and the questioning of the management of the Hornets to put together a championship team has Paul fed up with his time in New Orleans, and he wants out. His top choice? The New York Knicks of course. But what is it going to take for the Knicks to acquire, when healthy, the best point guard in basketball?

All of New York would give the thumbs up if Chris Paul finds his way to Madison Square Garden.

If the Knicks can make this trade, they need to give up whatever is necessary. Teaming up Chris Paul to go along with Amare Stoudemire instantly makes the Knicks the 4th best in the East behind, the Dwyane Wade led Heat, Orlando Magic, and Boston Celtics.

To go along with Chris Paul, the Knicks would probably have to take on the salary of Emeka Okafor, who has four years left on his deal, including this one. A realistic deal would probably cost the Knicks several players, including; Danilo Gallinari, the newly acquired Anthony Randolph, hopefully the expiring contract of useless Eddy Curry, and maybe a future draft pick. That would clear $16 million for this season alone, and allow both Paul and Okafor’s contacts to fit under the cap.

That trade would probably have the starting lineup look something like this:

PG Chris Paul

SG Bill Walker

SF Wilson Chandler

PF Amare Stoudemire

C Emeka Okafor

The Knicks could also play Raymond Felton and Chris Paul at the same time if they needed too.

There could still be enough money to land Carmelo Anthony next summer, and piece together a nucleus of players that can bring greatness back to Madison Square Garden. Let’s hope missing out on Lebron was the best thing that happened to New York, as they begin to assemble a group of stars that might not have a head the size of the Big Apple.