This week was dominated by tributes to the late George Steinbrenner and Bob Sheppard. Day-to-day Yankee operations seemed to go on the backburner. However, the trade deadline is less than two weeks away so teams are going to start wheeling and deal. Who will the Yankees target? What about the Mets? Let’s dive into baseball …

Yankee Rumors

Possible Trade Targets:

1. Ivan Rodriguez, C, Washington Nationals: Francisco Cervelli has pretty much become an instant out. Cervi calls a pretty good game behind the plate, but his bat has become a big-time liability. Incumbent Yankee catcher, Jorge Posada, has dealt with a laundry list of injuries this season. Grabbing Pudge (.292, 25 RBIs) wouldn’t cost the Yankees much. A few low-level prospects and absorbing the rest of his $3 mil contract would be a small price for the grizzled veteran.

My View: Of the three mentioned players, Pudge makes the most sense. He had one go-around with the Yanks in 2008 and is desperate to win a ring. He has the ability to handle the pitching staff. The money ($1.5 Mil) is right.

2. George Sherrill, RP, Los Angeles Dodgers: Before the All-Star break, the Dodgers put the hard-throwing lefty on waivers. Sherill has held lefties to a .211 batting average. Righties are killing Sherrill, hitting .438.

My View: Sherrill’s 7.08 ERA and the $2.25 mil the Yankees would pay doesn’t seem to add up. Expect Sherrill to clear waivers, allowing the Dodgers to stash him in the minors.

3 Kevin Gregg, RP, Toronto Blue Jays: Jays are currently 12.5 games behind the first-place New York Yankees. Expect the Jays to listen in on offers for reliever Kevin Gregg. Gregg has been the Jays’ closer this season, locking down 21 saves with a 3.57 ERA. Gregg is only making $2 mil this season.

My View: American League East teams typically do not trade within the division. I don’t expect to see the cheap Gregg setting up for Mariano Rivera this year.

Mets Rumors:

1. Ted Lilly, SP, Chicago Cubs: I reported this last week and the rumor is apparently picking up steam. The Mets covet Lilly’s hard-nosed demeaner and believe he would excel in the spacious Citi Field.

My View: Lilly would be a great three, four starter for the Mets this season.

2. Brett Myers, SP, Houston Astros: Ex-Nemesis from the Philadelphia Phillies may help the Mets this season. Myers (7-6, 3.53 ERA) has been great this season. Myers is a cheaper option($3.1 Mil), but will eat up innings and provide quality starts.

My View: Again, Myers would be a great, low cost option for the Mets.

Knicks Rumors

Isiah Thomas Back In?

Sports fans are aware that Isiah Thomas will coach the FIU Panthers this season. However, there is a ton of speculation about Thomas returning to the Knicks as an advisor. With Donnie Walsh on the way out, owner James Dolan may turn to Thomas to ‘save’ the francise.

My Take: Thomas has already set this franchise back five-seasons. Keep. Him. Away.