Finally, the longest sports break of the year is over. Sure, there’s the All Star game, but seeing Andy Pettitte pitch an inning and David Wright get an at bat or two doesn’t get me my fix. And now that today is the Thursday after the All Star break, we can finally settle in tonight and watch our beloved Mets or Yankees. Wait, what? The Yankees have the day off? I have to wait until 10:15 to watch the Mets put R.A. Dickey on the mound against Tim Lincecum? I don’t think so. So for all of you looking for something to do on another day of waiting for baseball, try out some activities that I have found useful in passing the time.
Watch another game: The game I have my eye on? The 8:15 start between the Los Angeles Dodgers and St. Louis Cardinals. Clayton Kershaw (9-4, 2.94 ERA) will take the bump for the Dodgers against Chris Carpenter (9-3, 3.29 ERA). Watching the pitcher’s duel should hold Mets’ fans over for a few hours until the dreaded West Coast start.

Surf the Yankee Universe: Check out other Yankee websites to get some great inside information. Try out River Ave Blues, the Lo Hud Yankees blog, or Zell’s Pinstripe Blog just to name a few.

And some other web sites: Here are other websites that are part of my getting through a boring day.
Sports Pickle – A hilarious sports parody website
Baseball Reference – The most complete database of baseball information. Wanna know Derek Jeter’s BABIP in 2003? Here you go.
Sporcle – Recently suggested by columnist Matt Vereb, this quiz site is addicting. Try to beat my lackluster score of 35/60 in this baseball related trivia game.

Fantasy Football 2010: With what was been one of the more entertaining sports summers in recent memory (World Cup, LeBron, etc.), the NFL season is less than two months away. Prepare by buying a fantasy football mag, participating in a mock draft, or scouring your league mates for fees. The casual player will scoff and say “It’s only July”, but July is when championships are made.

Fantasy Baseball 2010: Oh yeah, remember that? The league you signed up for in March, obsessed with for a month or two, then completely forgot about? Do everyone else in your league a favor and update your roster so A. they know you’re still alive and B. show a sense of fantasy dignity. Heck, maybe someone offered you Corey Hart for Curtis Granderson a month ago. Time to reap the benefits.

Anything else: Maybe an Instant Classic on the YES Network, where the Yankees are undefeated? Maybe a television show? I’m on season 9 of Seinfeld (for probably the fourth time). When it’s all said and done, I might just throw on season 1.

Fans, what are your suggestions? Keep in mind that by the time you’ve made it this far in the article, you’re at least another five minutes closer to another game…