Another critical loss for the Yankee family today. Storied Yankee owner, George Steinbrenner passed away from a massive heart attack this morning. Steinbrenner, 80, has dealt with health ailments for the last five years.

After Bob Sheppard’s passing this weekend, it’s been a very, very tough week in Yankee land.

I’ll always remember Mr. Steinbrenner for the way he changed baseball. As an owner, he fully embraced the ‘Win Now’ mentality and made free-agency what it is today. From signing Catfish Hunter to Reggie Jackson to Alex Rodriguez, Mr. S has always put the Yankees first.

My favorite Steinbrenner memory comes from the 2000 World Series. As many of you may remember, he was hell-bent on beating the Mets in the Subway Series. Prior to the World Series, he would have done anything to ensure victory over his cross town rivals.

When he walked in the Shea Stadium visitor’s clubhouse, he was unhappy with the furnishing. Mr. S hired an entire moving crew to move all of the Yankee Stadium club house furniture to Shea.  When the crew was moving too slowly, he stepped in and moved the chairs, couches, etc at a quicker pace. He did all of this to make sure his players were comfortable and performed at their best.

I’ve seen Mr. S a few times at the stadium in the past. He was always very polite to all of the fans. None of us will ever forget the impact he had on baseball and more importantly, the Yankee franchise.

Do you have a favorite Steinbrenner memory?