World Cup: Third Place Game, Germany vs. Uruguay

Paul The Octopus Making His Decision

I’m not sure if anyone else has read about Paul the Octopus, but if you haven’t, let me inform you. Paul is a pet octopus in Germany that has correctly predicted the result in each of Germany’s six World Cup matches**. His owner will drop two clear blocks into his tank and Paul will lay on top of the winner. As you can see above, Paul clearly thinks that Germany will defeat Uruguay in the third place match-up.

There has been some backlash over Paul’s past and current decisions. When Germany fans found out that he picked Spain in the semi-final round, many threatened to kill the savvy mollusc. Despite the threats, Paul lived to pick another day. He rewarded the German for sparing his life by picking them to win today. What’s good enough of Paul, is good enough for me.

The Pick: Germany

July Record: 4-5

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**Paul correctly predicted five of six 2008 World Championship matches