Sources say that the Yankees and Mariners are ‘very, very close’ to a trade which would send lefty Cliff Lee to the Bronx for uber-prospect, catcher Jesus Montero. Yankees GM Brian Cashman and Mariners GM Jack Zdurienick have been in constant contact over the last week, trying to make this deal happen.

Previously, we have heard that the Yankees were just ‘kicking the tires’ on Cliff Lee. Now it appears that the Yankees are going to go for the knockout punch. Pairing CC Sabathia, Cliff Lee, AJ Burnett, Andy Pettitte, and Phil Hughes in the same rotation would almost become unfair. Even though he’s been pitching well, Javier Vazquez would be subsequently traded…maybe to the Mets?

Jesus Montero is considered by many as a top 10 prospect in baseball. Montero has hit .253 with six home runs at Triple A this season. Giving him up would be very hard for Brian Cashman to do, but if you want the hottest pitcher in the game and assure yourself a championship, you do it.

In either case, I love the possibility of the Yankees landing Cliff Lee. It adds another ace to the staff, keeps him away from the other contenders and gives the Yankees time to lock him up. It all adds up to me.

Do you agree with this trade or should the Yankees wait until free agency to get Cliff Lee?