That’s right, Lebron James is a bitch, and has given up his self-proclaimed King James title and traded it for another adjective, coward. By signing with the Miami Heat he has erased all possible comparisons to become the greatest player in the history of basketball. Hell, it isn’t even his team anymore. Dwyane Wade runs the show in Miami, he’s the King of that castle. Lebron James is now just one of his disciples.

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Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, and Lebron James on the same team isn’t so much a dream team as everyone is going to say it is. Sure, they’ll be the favorites to win the title every single year, but I’ll also take the field vs. the Heat in a bet anyday. Don’t forget there’s a guy named Kobe Bryant out west, whose done it before. He’s won 5 titles on determination, guts, and one star player to go with him, not two. By the way, every title the Heat do win, it still gives Wade one more title than James. If the Heat win 3 of the next 5 championships, Wade still has 4 rings, which trumps him not for just the league, but his own damn team!

Now that the Michael Jordan talks can end, there needs to be a player somewhere in the history of the NBA that can compare to what Lebron James has done. Only two players in the history of basketball have left their respective team after winning an MVP, Moses Malone and Wilt Chamberlain. In James’ first seven years he was unable to deliver his deprived hometown city of Cleveland a championship. I understand leaving, but I just don’t get why South Beach. The player that comes to mind when I think of what this does for Lebron’s image isn’t necessarily a bad player. He’s actually, a very good player. Paul Pierce couldn’t win a lick in Boston before he got better players around him, but that is also because Paul Pierce isn’t the player Lebron is. His GM brought in two players that were aging in an attempt to catch fire and bring a title back to Boston. It worked, as the trades for Ray Allen and the Big Ticket, Kevin Garnett have made Boston relevant again. But what did this do for Paul Pierce’s image? Absolutely nothing. It didn’t win him an MVP, didn’t put him in talks for the best player in the NBA, all it did was give his General Manager that put this team together all the credit in the world.

And that is exactly who the winner in the Summer of 2010. Congratulations Pat Riley, if you’re smart you’ll come back to the bench and win a championship, or three. But Lebron, shame on you for costing this generation a chance to see you take your game to the Big Apple, or hell, just stay in Cleveland, and create a legacy that could rival Michael. Now, you aren’t even Kobe.