Match-Up: Germany vs. Spain


Prepare for a clash of the titans. Germany and Spain are arguably Europe’s two best teams. Germany has really hit their stride. After embarrassing England and Argentina, Germany will look to take down another top squad. Germany has utilized their quick strike approach in both knockout contests. They’ve made scoring look relatively easy, but will face two of the most profilic players in the world on Wednesday.

Spain star striker, Fernando Torres has really underperformed during this World Cup. One goal against Germany may erase all of his shortcomings. David Villa has scored the most goals during the World Cup and will be a focal point of the Spanish attack.

Spain defeated Germany in the 2008 Euro Cup final. However, this German team is playing with poise and aggressiveness. Look for a tightly contested contest with Germany eeking out a 2-1 victory.

The Pick: Germany

July Record: 2-4

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