Match-Up: Uruguay vs. Netherlands


Both Uruguay and the Netherlands used a little bit of luck in their quarterfinal victories. The Netherlands received a gift when a Brazilian defender headed a Netherland cross into his own goal to tie the score at one. Later on, the Nederlands scored their a decisive goal to send the Brazilians home. Uruguay was a little more lucky in their match-up with Brazilian.

With the score tied 1-1, Ghana appeared to score their second goal with minutes left in overtime. However, a Uruguay defender grabbed the ball from going into the net, setting up a penalty shot. The attempt was unsuccessful and Uruguay went on to defeat Ghana in penalty kicks.

After watching all five games played by both clubs, the Netherlands appear to be the better squad. Luis Suarez will miss this contest for Uruguay, creating a void in the middle of their attack.

I’m picking the Netherlands to face off against Wednesday’s winner (see tomorrow’s pick) to set up an all-Euro final.

The Pick: Netherlands

July Record: 1-4

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