Both the New York Knicks and New Jersey Nets met with LeBron James on Thursday afternoon. According to various reports, both meetings went extremely well. One source even cited that the Nets might even be front-runners for James’ service.  So how does this all shake out for the two Tri-State teams?


LeBron James told the media that he wants to reach a decision by Monday afternoon. With some much hype and build up surrounding James’ monumental decision, will be play in the Tri-State Area next season?

The Case For The Knicks:

Is there a better place to live in than New York City? Think of the mystique of Madison Square Garden. Playing in front of sold-out crowds every night. Heck, LeBron is even a huge Yankees fan. Sounds like a match, right?

Not so fast. The Knicks currently supporting class includes Chris Duhon, Danilo Gallinari, and Eddy Curry. Not exactly a great cast for the reigning MVP.

The possibility of a trade or a large free agent signing still looms largely for the Knicks. However, the Knicks just can’t match the talent that other clubs have.

Percent chance of landing LeBron: 10%

 The Case For The Nets:

In two years, the Nets will open the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, the world’s most innovative arena. In addition to this huge arena, the Nets boast a solid young core of players led by Devin Harris, Brook Lopez, and Derrick Favors. The Nets view Harris and Favors has potential trade chips as they have been the key cogs to any trade. Net ownership may have promised LeBron any player of his choosing if he agrees to a deal there this weekend…

When James sat down with Nets ownership yesterday, he was the poorest person at the table. Nets owner, Mikhali Prokohrov and rap mogul, Jay-Z are both worth more than King James and can help LeBron become the first ‘Billion dollar athlete’.

Percent chance of landing LeBron: 35%

I think both New York area teams have a chance at landing the King, but I think it’ll ultimately come down to either Chicago or Cleveland. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed for now.