Reports out of Denver are suggesting that the Nuggets may trade franchise forward, Carmelo Anthony. Anthony is in the final year of his contract and will be seeking a big money extension before next year’s new collective bargaining agreement. With that being said, could the Knicks be a fit for Anthony’s services?

First off, the Nuggets view trading Anthony as an absolute last resort. However, their three-year $65 million dollar extension has been sitting on the table for over a month now.

With Anthony on board, the Nuggets have finished among the top three teams in the West over the last two seasons. Trading him would re-set the Nuggets into rebuilding mode, a move that the Nuggets want to avoid at all costs.

So if the Nuggets decide they want to move Anthony, what teams would be potential fits for the All-Star forward?

One interesting fit is the New York Knicks.

If the Nuggets were to do a sign and trade Anthony, they’d be looking for young talent and expiring contracts in return. What better trade could there be?

Eddy Curry ($9 mil) has one more season left on his deal. The Knicks also have great young shooter, Danilo Gallinari. Package these two players with their 2011 1st round pick (Houston’s) and the Knicks may have enough to land Anthony.

With the CBA set to expire after this season, players want to secure as much money as possible right now. Paul Pierce and Dirk Nowitzki opted out of their contracts in hopes of landing bigger contracts. Can’t blame Carmelo for wanting to do the same. The Nuggets may also not want to shell out big cash for Anthony’s services under the new CBA deal. This deal makes some sense….

If this deal is on the table, how could the Knicks say no? Anthony is one of the ten best players in the league and adding him would immediately turn the Knicks into a playoff team. Sign me up for this trade any day.