Due to a great suggestion from one of our readers, I decided to start up a weekly NY Sports rumors article. I’ve been hearing and reading a lot of interesting stuff, so I wanted to share it with you. A lot of these rumors are in fact, rumors. By no means are they true, but they are definitely possible. Come back here each Sunday to check out the list and see what’s crackin’.


Lee State of Mind?:

Sources close to free-agent-to-be Cliff Lee have indicated that the lefty would be willing to play in New York. For either team. Over the past week, the last place Seattle Mariners have played well, but it’s only a matter of time until Lee is dealt. Expect the Mets to be one of the six to eight teams to check in on Lee.

The Mets do not want to part with either Ike Davis or Jon Niese in such a deal. Expect the Mets to begin negotiations with 20-year-old, hard-throwing pitcher, Jenrry Mejia. The Mets have used Mejia as a reliever this season, but recently sent Mejia back to the minor to ‘stretch out’ for a few spot starts. In an effort to display one of their more promising prospects, the Mets called up catcher, Josh Thole on Friday night. The Mariners have specified that they want a catching prospect in return for Lee.

My Take: As long as the Mets are cool with ‘renting’ Cliff Lee for three months, then by all means, go for it. The National League does not have a stand out team and the addition of Lee plus the return of Carlos Beltran may make the Mets the favorites (gulp) in the NL.

Seattle Scouting Yankee Farm Hands?

Reports have been swirling that the Mariners have been seriously scouting the Yankee farm system. The Mariners have interest in the Yankees two top catching prospects (Jesus Montero and Austin Romine). Obviously, this scouting is being completed as a prequel for a potential Cliff Lee trade.

My Take: Barring a major injury, the Yankees will not be a player for Lee this season. Why would the Yankees trade from him when they already have five very good starters and could just sign Lee in the off-season? It’s not a match.


Chris Paul to NJ?

There have been various rumors floating around about New Orleans Hornets point guard, Chris Paul. When healthy, Paul is the best point guard in basketball.

I’ve heard one trade scenario that would end Chris Paul and Emeka Okafor to New Jersey for Devin Harris, Derrick Favors, and a 2011 2nd rounder.

Chris Paul is in the second year of his four year, $68 million contract. Okafor is in the third year of his six year, $72 million contract. Harris has three years remaining at $8.5 million per season. Favors, the third pick in the NBA draft, has yet to sign a contract.

My Take: This deal makes some sense, but I doubt it will happen. With Brook Lopez already on board, Okafor would have to play power forward for the first time in his career. The Nets had $27 million available coming into free agency. If they made this deal, they’d have roughly $10 million left. I’m all for Chris Paul, but I doubt it happens.

Also, I’ve heard that the Nets view Favors as more of an asset rather than a building block for the future. If the right deal comes along, expect Favors to be involved.

Rod Thorne Out?

Just two days after the NBA draft, reports out of New Jersey are speculating that team president, Rod Thorne will not return to the team after his contract expires on June 30th. Thorne is expected to stay with the Nets for two addition weeks after his contract expires.

My Take: If this report is true, the Nets will need to scramble to find a replacement. With a free agent class as potent as this summer’s, it’s imperative for a team to have a vision for the future.

Red Carpets For LeBron?:

With free agency starting on Thursday, expect the Knicks to put on a full-court in order to woo LeBron James. The Knicks have exclusive dinners, celebrities, and shows planned for the reigning MVP.

My Take: Typical New York fan fare. Hopefully, it works.


Where are the extensions, Woody?

Training camp is a little more than a month away and the Jets still have not given Darrelle Revis nor Nick Mangold a new contract. Revis is still playing under his rookie contract and is set to make a $1 million base in 2010.

My Take: With thousands of PSLs still available at the New Meadowlands Stadium, Jet ownership needs to get deals done.

The State of Chad Jones?

Jones, who was taken in the third round of the NFL Draft by the Giants, was hurt in a serious car crash in week. Jones is in critical condition.

My Take: Let’s hope and pray for a speedy recovery.


Islanders Nab Niederreiter; Bright Future?

The New York Islander took right winger, Nino Niederreiter with the fifth pick in the NHL draft. Alike John Taveras, Niederreiter played extremely well at the world juniors. Niederreiter is one of the youngest players taken in the draft, but has one of the highest ceilings.

My Take: Good Pick by the Isles. They need as much help as possible. At times last season, the Isles showed a lot of promise. Let’s hope Niederreiter has an immediate impact on the club.

McIlrath Not Needed?

The New York Rangers spent their first round pick (#10 overall) on defenseman, Dylan McIlrath. McIlrath, another 18-year-old prospect, played in Canada this past season. Known for being a tough defenseman, McIlrath brings an imposing presence to the ice.

My Take: Did the Rangers really need a defenseman? The Rangers had plenty of problems putting the puck in the net last season, so selecting Jaden Schwartz or Austin Watson would have made more sense.