Announced last week, Avery Johnson is set to become the next coach of the New Jersey Nets. Owner Mikhail Prokhorov wanted a coach with a winning track record and Johnson definitely brings that to the table. Prokhorov and Johnson were seen last night at the Celtics/Lakers game. Recruiting? Maybe.

ESPN Insider had this to offer..

Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov met new head coach Avery Johnson on Sunday for the first time and the two even went to Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

Asked what he told Johnson during their meeting, Prokhorov told the New York Daily News, “Just that we need to create a dynasty team. That’s it. A very simple task.”

“We are both gym rats,” Prokhorov added. “We spend hours in the gym and we are hungry to win. He was nicknamed ‘The Little General’ and my nickname is ‘The General.’ It’s a match made in heaven.”

Johnson will be formally introduced as the Nets head coach on Tuesday. However, Prokhorov will not be there due to a commitment in Russia.

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