The New York Jets have four key players that need contract extensions. None of the four players, Darrelle Revis, Nick Mangold, D’Brickashaw Ferguson, nor David Harris have received new deals. Of the four, Darrelle Revis needs it the most. Revis is set to make a base salary of $1 million this season and has threatened to hold out until the Jets give him a new deal. With the Jets still having thousands of PSLs to sell before the season starts, my question is, why the delay?

With the Collective Bargaining Agreement set to expire after the 2010 season and a potential lock out looming, many owners are wary of giving players extension. If there is a lockout, owners are forced to still pay their players under contract. So I can definitely understand the hesitation from the owners. However, some of the league’s premiere players do not have new deals. Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Darrelle Revis, Randy Moss, and DeAngelo Williams are the five key players who have not received new deals. After his 2,000 yard season, Chris Johnson is trying to rework his rookie contract, but has also been unsuccessful.

Darrelle Revis needs a new deal. The Jets defense cannot function without Revis on the field. The Jets entire pressure scheme revolves around putting Revis ‘on an island’ with the opponents best receiver. With Brandon Marshall joining the Dolphins and Randy Moss still with the Patriots, it’s imperative that Revis is on the field to cover these players.

As we all saw in the AFC Championship, Peyton Manning did not even give Revis an opportunity to ball-hawk. Manning decided to torch the rest of the New York secondary. His mere presence on the field creates nightmares for opposing quarterbacks and offensive coordinators.

To Woody Johnson and the rest of the Jet front office, give Darrelle his money. You have already moved ‘all-in’ for this upcoming season by acquiring Jason Taylor, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Antonio Cromartie. Fans want to buy tickets to the games. That will only be possible if the best players are happy and on the field. Don’t make any bone-headed moves by not paying your most valuable player.