Belmont Stakes: Better Finish: Ice Box(6) or First Dude(11)


Ice Box and First Dude are the top two horses heading into the Belmont Stakes. Ice Box (3 to 1) finished second in the Kentucky Derby. Many believed that Ice Box would have won the race if it were not for congestion to begin the race. First Dude (7 to 2) ran in first place for much of the Preakness, but was passed late in the race. First Dude finished 2nd in this race.

From what I’ve been told and have seen on tape, Ice Box appears to be the bigger, more agile horse. The Belmont Stakes is the longest of the three main races, something that should benefit that larger Ice Box.

I’m picking Ice Box in this race. Even though he did not run against First Dude in the Preakness, Ice Box has the size to beat First Dude.

The Pick: Ice Box

June Record: 2-2