Yankee fans have been spoiled by Andy Pettitte’s pitching all season. His seven wins are tied for the second most in the American League. His earned runs allowed (18) are the lowest among AL starters with at least ten starts. Joe Girardi will be the manager of the American League squad and tends to prefer the grizzled vets over the young guns. So does Pettitte have a convincing case to start the Mid-Summer Classic on July 13th? I’ll let you be the judge…

He's a Dandy, Alright. AP Photo/Frank Franklin II

Barring an unforeseen injury, Pettitte, a two-time All-Star, will make seven more starts before the All-Star Break. A lot of things can happen between now and then. However, the schedule and opponents are both on Andy’s side. He will pitch:

  • at Toronto
  • home vs. Houston and Philadelphia
  • at Arizona
  • home vs. Seattle and Toronto
  • at Seattle

So that breaks down into four home games and three on the road against average teams. As of today, those teams have a collective record of 117-146.

Pettitte’s main competition currently comes in the form of three youngsters. Clay Buchholz (7-3, 2.57 ERA) of the Red Sox, David Price (8-2, 2.29 ERA) of the Rays, and Phil Hughes ( 7-1, 2.54 ERA). Anaheim is hosting the All-Star Game and as of now, they do not have a starter-worthy pitcher. Phil Hughes is from Mission Viejo, CA, which is only 20 miles away, but as I mentioned before, Girardi, alike most managers, will give the ball to a seasoned veteran over the young gun for the All-Star start (unless your name is Ubaldo or Tiny Tim (Lincecum).

Yes, the All-Star Game is still five weeks away, but All-Star voting is heating up and speculation surrounding the starter will begin to intensify as the game draws closer. Andy has been a dandy so far this season and as of right now, he definitely deserves it.

If he can cruise into the All-Star break with 11 or 12 wins with an ERA between 3 and 3.50, he’ll get the start.